“Tomorrow ain’t promised to no one – Meanwhile, we go on.”

Wiretap has officially been running for just over a year now and first and foremost, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been supporting the distro – everyone who’s been ordering stuff, the people who run the labels, anyone who’s messaged me and nerded out with me – it’s been a real pleasure. Personally it’s been a really hectic 12 months with health complications and just a heap of “life stuff” and having something like Wiretap to keep me grounded has been incredibly humbling and rewarding. This pocket of BMX is like that weird, niche and nerdy underground scene you find in sub-genres of music and so, to all my fellow bike nerds, thanks again.  I really do appreciate all the orders and kind words people have passed on. Now onto some updates and some cool shit;

90east was added to the distro list earlier in the year which was a personal honour for me as Lino and the crew have always been a heavy influence in this scene and have never slowed down and are forever keeping it real. Wiretap is proud to be stocking the label on Australian shores – there is still some items from the last drop available here.


Dirtytalk are another label that have kept pace – despite a shipping delay, the store is now full of the winter drop and will be receiving the spring drop in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t already, get familiar with these guys as they truely are everything thats right with BMX right now. Indonesia is so close to Aus and yet we seem to forget that there is some really interesting and progressive riding coming out of the country. Plus the spots… just watch Agung’s latest little video project and get siked for the warmer months. Dirtytalk range available here.


Speaking of videos from near and far; there’s been a little top up of Huscija’s “What The Deal” and “Takeover” DVD’s – Croatia’s finest for sure. Both here.

Clarky’s fourth video instalment for Strangeways hit the store and sold out in a matter of days but will be back in stock soon, along with something new from Sam Waller – y’all know what it could be.

Finally, ALYK dropped their late summer range and it’s as dope as ever. Scroll for the lookbook which it in itself is a breath of fresh air. Forever one of the realest labels out there. Period.  It’s all available here.


– Rich.

ALYK Lookbook:

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