“A man must have a code”

If you’re familiar with the northern UK riding scene, Strangeways videos, or just have an in-explainable favoritism for Kodak Tri-X, the name Sam Waller may ring a bell. Sam’s just dropped the third issue of his unique and utterly dope publication “Red Steps”. Let me stress that this 124 page, perfect bound zine is a crucial piece for anyone who understands real street riding and black and white photography. There’s a bunch of flicks of local folk: Addy Snowdon, Gaz Hunt, Clarky, Dan Price, Wozzy, Tom Penny..? and Jambul (side note; go watch West Yorkshire Peg Torture to witness some Jambul insanity)

If you’ve seen Hit The North I & II you’ll enjoy the interview with J. Newrick. There’s an interview with young Tim Evans too, plus a visual diary of a trip to Paris – tight. Oh, and there’s a postcard featuring Dan P boostin’ and a sticker included with each piece. Don’t sleep on this one.



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